Michael Ruggier CEO
Michael has a tenure in leading positions over the last 24 years with Shell International in The Netherlands, Aberdeen, Brunei, Malaysia, Houston, China, New Zealand & Oman after joining Shell as a Chartered Engineer with experience in the construction, nuclear, industrial process, subsea equipment and pharmaceutical industries. 

He has been predominately involved in novel technology development and deployment; implementing step-change improvements, introducing industry first technologies, creating new commercial applications and opening new markets for Shell.

Michael is a welcomed guest speaker at innovation forums and conferences globally, generally receiving the ‘best speaker’ prize. He is a recognized world leader with honours in innovation with numerous interviews, publications and press releases on his vision & approach.

He seeks in unusual places for radical and mostly disruptive ideas. Selecting the most promising innovations from his vast network, he acts as ‘business angel’, funding and supporting them to prove the concept, develop them for first commercial application, and speed up global deployment and spin-offs. His talent for selecting the winners from the immense pool of applications for funding has led to many “rags-to-riches” stories and a second to none track record of success. 

As ‘GameChanger’ for Shell, Michael has been investing millions of US dollars in highly novel energy technology ideas in the oil & gas industry (e.g. drilling systems, completion technologies, etc.) as well as novel alternative energy technologies (e.g. hydrogen, wind, solar, geothermal, etc.). Value created range in the billions of US dollars. To give an example, the development and introduction of “solid expandable tubulars” in Europe, Middle-East and Asia, led to breaking numerous world records and has generated billions of additional value and profit yearly. And on a smaller scale, turning an algorithm from two individuals at Aberdeen University into a £150 million company and increasing Shell production on several continents by as much as 3% within 3 years.

His scientific background holding two university degrees (B.Sc hons & M.Sc.), and his decades of experience has led him to the conviction this era has great opportunities in unexplored new ideas that presently are unable to get funding to prove the concept and survive the chasm between ‘seed phase’ and first viable commercial product. These technologies, often solving not one but several key challenges, suffer from unaware needs in dormant new markets. The key of success is bringing all pieces together by means of a holistic approach to complete the puzzle. Bringing the right partners to the table is what Michael does, and successfully with phenomenal ‘size of the prize’. He achieves with lean / meager resources what would normally only be achievable with government funding, heavy subsidies or large enterprises.

Michael’s particular passion is supporting inventive start-ups in the alternative energy / sustainability space and to turn dreams into reality to create a better world. His vision is that 'disruptive technical innovation' will be the key to solving our energy challenges and like in any era, opportunities are available for those that are entrepreneurial, have the vision, courage and determination to make them reality.  

“Michael’s colleagues and 3rd parties he works with describe him as: A true “Game-Changer”. An out of the box thinker who changes something by designing a new way of doing things that makes the old way obsolete. His passion and enthusiasm are contagious and he is a shining example of delivering through team-building, collaboration and authentic leadership.”