A lack of affordable housing is threatening the capital's global competitiveness 
- BBC report, 30 October 2015

Revealed: The £3bn cost of London's housing crisis - Telegraph - 12 Oct 2015 

London calling ...for help in its housing crisis - The Guardian, 11 October 2015 

London’s housing shortage is one of Britain’s “biggest public policy failures of the last 50 years” - Evening Standard, Wednesday 17 June 2015

SOLOFT is the result of a radically different approach from a team of British architects with unique international offsite residential building design & production experience. SoLoft is a 1 or 2 person highly adaptable affordable home located temporarily, or permanently, on small infill sites - even over car parks (two SoLofts will fit neatly over six standard European parking spaces) or on flood plains. Fast & quiet installation as helical pile foundations allow unit to be lived in within 56 hours as no concrete or site excavation normally required. SoLoft homes will be made under highly efficient factory controlled conditions in the greater London area to provide thousands of additional homes and create many new jobs.

soloft presentation banner 



  • Clever design makes optimum use of compact space while offering highest quality living
  • Sustainable modules (fully re-locatable/recyclable) & truly 'green' (lowest CO2 footprint) - designed to be net producer of electrical power due to innovative tech.
  • Strong, durable steel frame construction which meets UK building codes 
  • Low maintenance with easy change out of any wearable parts e.g. whole bathroom pod
    Transported fully equipped on standard low-loaders ready to crane into position
  • Low cost (approx £49,500 per unit ready to move in), high quality and excellent value for money as based on the Henry Ford model T type mass production – opening up large market for both freehold and rental with wide range of business model options available.

    USP (Unique Selling Propositions) 

  • Unique set of live/work features e.g. double bed on mezzanine level folds up quickly so space converts to office work space with table & desk for 5 people.
  • Mezzanine office space is separated from private downstairs living space, so office visitors don't need access to it (e.g. for renting out separately during the day)
  • IKEA equipped - full range of fitted and lose furniture, household equipment & white goods
  • WOW factor – e.g. balcony ‘infinity lawn’, double height living room, large picture window. 
  • All mod cons incl. smart phone operated “intelligent” home system (energy efficiency, security and comfort), Phillips OneSpace LED lighting, full room width video screen (3.3m), built-in infotainment / sound system, central vacuum cleaning system, etc
  • Suitable (with minor modifications) for handicapped (wheelchair) and elderly users
  • Superb thermal and acoustic insulation with thermal insulating window & storm shutters
  • Very low energy consumption while state of art heat mat roof generates electricity (PV), hot water and energy even at night. Screw pile ground heat pumps exchange/storage
  • Evac vacuum toilet/sewage system (low water consumption, fail safe and flood proof)
  • Large amount (24 cubic metres) of storage space for a small home - some under access panel covered living room and a whole side wall
  • Highly secure with steel front door and fire escape routes front and rear
  • Large Roof terrace - 3.6m x 2.1m (desirable feature for city living).