- Michael has been speaking over the last 7 years at the main Innovation conferences Globally on behalf of Shell International, generally on the subject of "Disruptive Innovation" - always receiving the best feedback

- He has also been the speaker for the "Inspirational Session" at company and team building events (e.g. Fluor Daniel “Innovation Award winners” event).

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Should you have an event in mind Michael would be happy to speak and can modify his talk to fit in with your requirements, objectives and timings.

CONSULTANCY - Michael also offers consultancy to major organisations on benefits and how to implement “disruptive innovation” within one's organisation. He can give you the mindset, tools, methodology and process based on that of Shell GameChanger, to implement your own "GameChanger" programme - "Bringing Silicon Valley Inside". You will be able to achieve with lean / meagre resources what would normally only be achievable with government funding, heavy subsidies or large investments.

JUDGING PANELS - Judge for competitions such as Innovate UK's Clean & Cool missions.