We believe that humanity urgently needs to change radically the way it uses the world’s resources and avoid destroying the Earth’s capacity to support itself. GameChanger Technologies’ (GCT) vision is to identify and develop critically important technologies to overcome a soon-to-be planet-wide period of acute social and environmental disruption. GCT has the potential to ‘solve’ the challenges for our long-term survival while meeting basic human needs without surrendering progress towards achieving ever higher levels of human wellbeing and satisfaction. Our integrated solutions aim to be environmentally benign, minimalist on resources, fully resilient to the worst possible climate conditions and will come under the following five broad headings - ENERGY, FOOD, INFORMATION, SHELTER and TRANSPORT (as detailed below). 

In order to achieve our goal and make a significant positive contribution to our planet, things need to be done differently with radical and disruptive innovation required in all areas. In order for us to seek, find, develop and deploy these novel technologies, we will follow the proven and tested Shell GameChanger process, principles and methodologies set up by Gary Hamel 20 years ago to prove the concepts. Novel business models will be developed, companies formed and partnerships developed to commercialise the new technologies and ensure global deployment. 

ENERGY - Advanced sustainable energy technologies comprising solar, wind, geothermal & means of storage. Of particular importance is our unique plasma spalling technology because of its inherent performance properties which in fully developed form will allow geothermal energy to be extracted from virtually anywhere providing electricity cheaper than coal or any other means with zero or negligible CO2 footprint. 

FOOD - feeding the world's population is currently on a knife edge and new solutions are required such as our advanced aeroponic systems for growing food crops. These are immune from the accelerating climate change effects such as flooding & droughts and overcome the challenges of diminishing soil quality/availability and effectiveness of current high use of pesticides, fungicides, biocides & herbicides. Conventional agriculture will soon be unable to supply enough food in many parts of the world while we believe we have the solutions to ‘solve world hunger’ and are covered by 3 patents. 

INFORMATION - The efficient use of information in the design and operation of these technologies plays a vital role in the way they perform interactively at all levels. The process of identifying problems in the broadest possible context and then using a holistic approach, identifying or developing the technologies best suited to overcome them effectively i.e. generally a systems approach starting from scratch. 

SHELTER - The colossal and expanding international need for affordable and sustainable homes will only be solved by using radically better ones than those used now, such as offsite construction where factory processes use manufacturing techniques common in the car industry, but almost unknown in the housing industry. Today a combination of acute housing shortages and looming climate change threats mean homes are going to have to be capable of coping with high winds (200 mph+) floods, large hailstones, powerful lightning strikes, very low and high outdoor temperatures. In other words all homes in future are going to have to be resilient and adaptable while requiring radically less resources 

TRANSPORT - Very different and novel alternative are required and being scouted.