The Flatpax® SYSTEM:

Flatpax® housing system is disruptive & totally novel, based on systems design/value engineering principles to build homes and create secure largely self-sufficient communities. This is the housing equivalent of what IKEA has done to the furniture industry.

The single storey optimum residential density housing utilises screw pile/column foundations with rest in tension suspended from these minimising material use, independent of ground beneath and moveable. It is based on offsite mass prefabrication and self-build methods on site with no ground works are only practical solution to traditional construction. Homes quickly assembled by local unskilled labour from lightweight, containerized, standard 'flat-pack' components which can be quickly & easily assembled with no ground works rqd. Homes environmentally benign, resilient to climate change effects, adaptable & affordable.


  • Minimal site preparation - no earth movement or excavation necessary
  • No scaffolding or heavy plant and quiet construction with high site safety levels
  • All components, apart from roof and floor cassettes, can be manhandled
  • All weather construction operations
  • No or low skills requirements, all-dry simple assembly & 85% self-build content
  • Very short build times with easy access to services inside and beneath dwellings
  • Components transported either on flat-rack (folding corner posts) or in conventional 20ft shipping containers – very low local & international logistics costs with no damage or loss
  • Greenfield sites remain green-field if Flatpax developments are relocated, because once screw piles are extracted the ground is ready to cultivate

  • Homes group to form secure compact (30 dwellings per/hectare) pleasant communities
  • Single storey buildings means no living spaces overlooked by neighbour’s homes 
  • All living areas in homes and outdoor areas wheelchair accessible
  • Highly adaptable cassette groupings allow variable plans and home sizes 
  • Standardised components allow interchangeability & support 2nd hand component market
  • High thermal, acoustic and fire resistance performance with minimum use of materials
  • Can combine with the Airponix food system to create self-sufficient communities
  • Resistant to flooding, tornados, earthquakes etc.
  • Suitable for desert to tropical to arctic environments and even hilly terrains.
  • Rainwater storage - flexible plastic tanks rest on the ground under homes
  • INVESTMENT QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Volumetric Homes Ltd - Flatpax system