The GameChanger Mission:
  • Disruptive / revolutionary / breakthrough innovation is the basis of GameChanger Technologies Ltd. with the aim of solving the world's major challenges 
  • Our integrated solutions are environmentally benign, minimalist on resources and fully resilient to the worst possible climate conditions while meeting ever higher levels of human wellbeing and satisfaction while creating a better world
  • GCT Ltd turns critically important disruptive 'ideas into reality' based on the proven Shell GameChanger model (set up by Gary Hamel 20 years ago)
  • We work with a number of inventors, academic institutions and partners globally
  • We currently have solutions to meet the challenge of a population of 8.3billion people by 2030. In short we will need:
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    We are currently looking for investors/Early Adopters:

  • Those who invest in our technologies at this early ‘proof of concept’ stage are expected to gain significant return on capital invested.
  • Track record to date is 100% success with seed funding for early-stage ideas with returns of 1000:1, with little or no risk
  • First adopters will likely shoot ahead of any competitors with significantly higher profits and long term survival.
  • One gets the opportunity of being directly involved in making a big difference to our world, improving your 'green' credentials
  • Helps your security and long-term survival in today’s uncertain environment where traditional industries can disappear overnight.